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Yes, that’s Retha next to me, and we are each holding a python.  She had a fondness for snakes even before our trip to Zambia in 2007. We also developed a fondness for warthogs during that month; the warthogs approached us, begging to have their ears scratched. (Photo credit: John Elliott)

A book I designed has recently been published  and is available on the Barnes & Noble website. I read it while designing it, and can whole-heartedly recommend it. The Author’s site has more information.

I have recently become a columnist on the Milwaukee Examiner. Your comments and questions are of great interest to me, so leave them in the comments section at the bottom of the column. Don’t forget to click the Like button at the top of the column when you visit. Thanks!

I have had so much fun sponsoring a Socrates Cafe with students in Kenosha (since Retha suggested it) that we started one in Racine, too. We would love to have you drop in for one of our lively discussions.

Along with Retha, who has been my wife since 1974, I enjoy photographing portraits and weddings. You can see our galleries and learn about the services we offer via the “Photography” link above.

I have been a professional artist since 1965. Most of my creative efforts went into Manuscriptures [tm] which we still produce and make available.

I have given guest lectures at Loyola University, Kent State University, The University of Indianapolis, and other venues, and I have taught adult classes on Calligraphy, Illumination, Philosophy, and World Religions. Click “Workshops” to learn more.


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Jonathan Blocher

Retha (married since 1974)

Designer, Photographer, Illustrator
Instructor at The Art Institute of Wisconsin

Favorite Subjects:

People, Light


Manuscriptures (my own design)

Goudy Oldstyle (beautiful at any size)

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Personal Motto:

The wise are peacemakers who go on quietly sowing for a harvest of righteousness—in others and in themselves.



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