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Below: The above concept re-purposed as a T-shirt design. The shirt was printed in one color only, and then tie-dyed by the customer.

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Below: A pencil sketch for an oil painting on a guitar.

Client: Don Baddorf.

A series of t-shirt designs from 2003 through 2008. The shirts were printed in one color only, and customers were provided with fabric paints or tie-dye materials to color their own shirt at the festival.

Client: Kenosha Unified School District and the City of Kenosha

Below: a design in Art Nouveau style.

Below: A design inspired by the art of Henri Rouseau

Below: A design inspired by modern trends in interior decoration

Below: A design in a Renaissance style, including the “white vine” motif

Below: The inspiration for this design remains a mystery.

Below: A pointalist portrait of an imaginary British pop/rock star. A composite of Donovan, Chad & Jeremy, and a few others.

Below: Sketch inspired by Chinese dragons, preparatory to a painting, now lost.