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Logos and Business Cards

“You only get one chance to make a good first impression.” It’s a cliche, of course, but still indisputably true. Your logo is the most important part of creating a memorable identity. Make sure your first impression tells the world exactly who you are and why they should care.


Design for posters and T-shirts to be screen printed in two colors

Bill Ester, Motivational Speaker

In his motivational speeches, Bill Ester draws on his experiences as a mountaineer and concert pianist, so for his logo I created what I call Mt. Piano.

Pastor Jason wanted an identity that displayed respect for tradition, but readiness for the future.

The Case for Christ group wanted a somewhat technical/industrial look

This consultant needed a business-oriented identity that was both thoughtful and dynamic.

This Plumbing and HVAC business needed to match their fleet of blue trucks, but with a cleaner,  friendlier, and more integrated appearance than before.

Logo for a publisher and blogger Memory Builders

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An animated GIF designed for the website

Client: Jerry Belland  / (His websites were also designed by Jonathan)

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