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Extensive study of manuscripts in the finest libraries in the world has given Jonathan a deep appreciation of the book arts. Combining that with decades of practicing illumination and with his well-honed communication skills sets the stage for a uniquely illuminating experience for his workshop students.

Jonathan has conducted successful weekend workshops with hundreds of happy participants on many subjects, including:

  1. Medieval Vines and Flowers

  2. Construction and Decoration of Versal Letters

  3. Celtic Illumination including Interlace Patterns or Knotwork

  4. Acanthus Leaf Illumination

  5. White Vine Illumination

  6. Color Theory and Color Mixing: how to get the color you really want on the first try

Jonathan has also delivered slide lectures on the History of Book Decoration for calligraphy guilds and university audiences.

Contact him at to inquire about scheduling a lecture or workshop

Workshops on Calligraphy and manuscript illumination


Work done by a student, Don Neruda, using methods and motifs learned in Jonathan’s workshops

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